How To: Start Using Bindrunes in Your Craft

Written by Blair McLeod

October 2, 2022

Let’s talk about how you can start using bindrunes in your craft…

Personally, I recommend that you’ve worked with the runes for at least a couple of months before crafting bindrunes (it’s not essential).

I recommend this because you ideally need to master the rune names, meanings, and each rune’s individual energy – before crafting bindrunes. Ideally, you also need a basic knowledge of your own craft.

If you start shoving runes together without knowing what they mean, they have the potential for negative ‘side effects’ and that’s not good. A relationship with your own practice is also needed, because without it – how will you correctly associate herbs, colours, plants or bark with your intention?

Back to the matter at hand…

If you want to use bindrunes in your craft, the first step is to create them!

Each bindrune starts with an intention (what it accomplishes) and ends with instructions for use (how to accomplish the intention).

Both are set by the person who crafted the bindrune.

The process goes something like this….

  • Set intention
  • Choose your runes to represent the intention
  • Bind your runes
  • Use bindrune

Let’s look at this bindrune as an example.

This bindrune is for creating harmony.

Inside this bindrune is…

  • Wunjo ᚹ – to represent harmony
  • Jera ᛃ – to represent tranquillity
  • Berkanan ᛒ – to represent nature (the harmonious energies in nature)
  • Inverted Naudiz ᚾ – to represent harmony (inverted runes do the opposite of the rune when it’s written normally. Naudiz usually means need, conflict or struggle.)

To accomplish the bindrune intention (to create harmony) we need to craft instructions on how to use it.

The instructions for this bindrune are as follows…

“Grind naturally harvested lavender and jasmine into a paste. Carve this bindrune into an object of your choice. I recommend using sycamore as a carving surface because it’s renowned for harmony and calming properties.

Often the instructions for use are dictated by the intention. For example, in this bindrune it would make no sense use witch hazel in the paste because it doesn’t promote harmony.

Here’s a few more ideas on how you can incorporate bindrunes in your craft:

  • To accomplish intentions (covered in this article)
  • To leave alongside offerings to the Gods
  • Manifesting
  • Appeasing tricky spirits
  • Protection
  • To represent something such as a personal struggle or journey (incredibly popular for tattoos)
  • To invoke Gods
  • To communicate with Gods
  • Creating a bindrune from a favourable rune spread to manifest it
  • To appease Landvættir (land spirits)
  • To appease the Norns (for a favourable future)
  • To aid healing (alongside herbal remedies)

This gives you a few ideas on how you can incorporate bindrunes into your own craft (the possibilities are endless!!)

What do you think? Was this helpful?

Let me know in the comments 😁

p.s. If you would like detailed step by step instruction on how you can craft your own bindrunes, check out my Craft Your Own Bindrunes book HERE


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