The Book of Galdrastafir


Are you ready to discover the enchanting world of Galdrastafir?

Galdrastafir (magic sticks) have been the centre of controversy, intrigue and mystery for centuries.

In 17th Century Iceland, staves and magic symbols were present in a third of witchcraft trials*.

Subsequently, most copies of the grimoires were burned or destroyed by the church and court.

Inside this book there are 50 Galdrastafir, transposed from surviving manuscripts.

The images have been updated into a beautiful art piece so they can easily be replicated by those who wish to try their hand at Icelandic magic.

The stave names and instructions for use have also been translated into English – allowing people around the world to admire these gorgeous symbols.

The Book of Galdrastafir takes a journey through the history of Icelandic sorcery. 

**PLEASE NOTE: this will only be available as an e-book**

*source: Tvær galdraskræður