Runes and Bindrunes Paperback Books



Runes and Bindrunes is a one-of-a-kind book that gives you an extensive introduction to runes and bindrunes. You’ll walk away feeling confident, creative and inspired.

Here’s just a few of the topics we’ll explore together :
  • Elder Fuþark
  • Younger Fuþark
  • Medieval Runes
  • Anglo Saxon Runes
  • Dalrunes 
  • Rune poems
  • Magic runes throughout history
  • Bindrunes throughout history
  • Types of bindrunes
  • Uses for bindrunes
  • The differences between bindrunes, galdrastafir and sigils
  • Modern uses for runes
  • How to use bindrunes
  • How to create your own bindrunes
  • PLUS a ton of bindrunes that have already been created, so you can start using them in your craft right now

242 Pages, Paperback, Self Published

The book includes both Craft Your Own Bindrunes and The Book of Bindrunes.

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