Runes and Bindrunes Book



An extensive introduction to runes and rune languages that includes both Craft Your Own Bindrunes and The Book of Bindrunes.

Runes and Bindrunes is a one-of-a-kind book that gives everything you need to understand runes and create bindrunes. You’ll walk away feeling confident, creative and inspired.

Here’s just a few of the topics we’ll explore together :
  • Elder Fuþark
  • Younger Fuþark
  • Medieval Runes
  • Anglo Saxon Runes
  • Dalrunes 
  • Rune poems
  • Magic runes throughout history
  • Bindrunes throughout history
  • Types of bindrunes
  • Uses for bindrunes
  • The differences between bindrunes, galdrastafir and sigils
  • Modern uses for runes
  • How to use bindrunes
  • How to create bindrunes
  • PLUS a ton of bindrunes that have already been created, so you can start using them in your craft right now

242 Pages, Paperback, Self Published – INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING

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