Pocket Runemaster


Get a Runemaster in your pocket for the day!!

When we start out in the world of runes, it’s nigh on impossible to determine which sources to trust.

Let’s ditch the doubt by tackling your rune related questions!

p.s. in my world, there is no such thing as a silly question! Every question is valid and welcome.

Here’s some examples of things we can work on…

  • Tips on how you can learn the runes
  • Finding trustworthy sources
  • Individual rune meanings
  • Bindrune feedback
  • Learning how to create a bindrune
  • How to do a rune reading
  • Uses for runes
  • Building a ritual with runes

and much more!!

These sessions are held on Instagram via voice notes which makes them perfect for busy schedules.

After purchase you will receive an email with potential dates, just let us know which ones suits you and we’ll book your Pocket Runemaster day!