Personal Bindrune


Grab a unique and customized piece of artwork!

Bindrunes are comprised of two or more runes and can be crafted for anything that suits your fancy.

Each bindrune comes with an illustrated description of where the runes are, and what they mean.

There will be two styles of bindrune sent – one painted effect (as shown in the image description) and a straight-line design which makes for a polished effect.

The finished art pieces are sent digitally to you via email, in various formats* ..  it is yours to keep forever and use however you’d like!

This personal piece of artwork is yours to keep forever!

Please let me know what you would like your bindrune to mean when checking out. If you are unsure, we can discuss it further via email or Instagram.

*typical formats include png (jpeg upon request) with a : dark background (white bindrune), white background (black bindrune) and a transparent background.