Intuitive Custom Design


Ritually crafted custom pieces of artwork! ⭐ LIMITED SPACES ⭐

These unique, custom pieces of artwork are intuitively crafted by tapping into your energy.

The process looks like this : 

  1. Connecting to your energy (This connection is temporary. You will be prior notified of the time that the ritual will be performed. Some people feel a presence around them during while the connection is open. Once the information required to craft the design has been acquired, the connection is severed and the ritual respectfully closed down This part of the process usually takes about an hour.)
  2. Intuitively acquiring information to craft your design
  3. With these intuitive insights, we create a beautiful, custom piece of artwork for you.
  4. You walk away with an awesome design.

The files are provided digitally. Typical file sizes include : small, medium and large designs set on A4 and 4×4. Both black and white backgrounds in each size are provided. If you would like other sizes or colours please mention this in your purchase notes.

Please note : you are consenting to your energy being temporarily utilised for the purposes of creating this design. You will be notified of when the ritual begins (and ends) via the email that you provided during checkout. If there is another method of communication that you would prefer (i.e. Instagram) please mention this in your purchase notes

p.s. we also have payment plans available, please contact us if you would like to organise payment in instalments