Norse Symbol Misinformation

Written by Blair McLeod

March 6, 2023

The misinformation online about “Norse Symbols” is ever growing. I found this gem on Pinterest earlier and I wanted to use it as a prime example of the misinformation that’s on the internet.

This OP has claimed 4 things in the caption…

  • 1. This is Vegvisir – false
  • 2. This is a protection symbol – false
  • 3. This is a Norse Symbol – false
  • 4. Björk has this tattoo – false

Even if this was Vegvísir, it would still not be a “protection symbol” because ..Vegvísir means wayfinder and it’s used for geographical guidance.

Here’s the facts…

  • 1. This is Hulinhjalmur (in English – The Helm of Concealment, Hidden Helmet or Helm of Disguise)
  • 2. This is not a protection symbol, it is “used to disappear when you want to”
  • 3. This is an Icelandic Galdrastafir which can be found in the lbs 4375 8vo manuscript which was written in 1928 (i.e. not Norse)
  • 4. Björk does not have this tattoo (she does, however, have Vegvísir tattooed)

Sadly, a lot of people see these symbols online, think they look cool and take their meaning at face value.

Then they jaunder to their tattoo artist and have them permanently etched into their skin – with no knowledge of their true meaning, cultural significance or magical importance.

Misinformation is ever present.

The facts matter.

Here’s my advice, before tattooing a “Norse Symbol” that you find online…

Do your own research.

Ask creators and original posters for their sources.

Draw your own conclusions.

Look into historical and archaeological sources.

Branch beyond the Wikipedia page.

…and question everything.

Thanks for coming to my TedTalk ✨


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