Thousands of sales?


“Don’t bother pursuing art, it’s pointless.”

I ran from the art studio packed with school children. 

They were too preoccupied with paper mache to notice my swift exit. Darting to the bathroom, tears started to pour down my cheeks. 

I was devastated. At only 10 years old, my art teacher shattered my dreams of becoming an artist.

“That’s not good enough.” 

Those four words stung my heart and that was reinforced by various caregivers throughout my childhood. 

“Art and music are useless subjects.” 

“What a waste of education.”

“You’re better going to University to get a good job.”

From that point forth, I accepted that they were all right – I wasn’t good enough to make it as an artist.

After all, so many artists really are starving and I came to the conclusion that settling for stability was the safe option. 

“That’s not good enough” rang in my head every time I longingly picked up a paintbrush or glanced at a sketchpad.

Finally at the age of 25, stuck in a whirlwind of chaos with an abusive partner – I did the thing that scared me most. 

I started creating again. 

Even more than that, somehow, somewhere I found the courage to start sharing my creations. 

It was terrifying but despite my fears, I reached 100 followers; then my first paid commission came in. 


Suddenly, I had to re-evaluate everything that I’d been taught. 

Maybe I was good enough and could experience the freedom of waking up every morning to do something I love.

Just a few months later, I found the strength to flee from my abusive partner. 

Sitting in a women’s shelter with only a bag of clothes to my name, I had no clue how I was going to turn my life around. 

From the crackling flames of business savvy and badass branding, a business mentor emerged with the answers. 

Incredible things started to happen when I tailored this advice to creatives.


Doubled my prices, wrote my first book and had my first $2500 month



Left the women’s shelter and started speaking at virtual events to thousands of people



Tripled my audience, started making a recurring income and moved across the country to my dream home in Scotland.



Mentoring other creatives to build a stable income. Only work 2 hours a day and take on a limited number of custom designs every month.


People call me The Runemaster because I create captivating content about runes, bindrunes, magic and history.

I’ve written two books on runes, four books in total and created hundreds (maybe thousands, I lost count a while ago 😂) of custom art pieces.

I also teach creatives how to build a stable income by doing what they love. Here’s some *EPIC* ways to turn your creativity into cash right now… 

(without start up costs, an audience or a website)